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Welcome to THE REGIONAL TRIBUNE (TRT), your go-to journal for comprehensive coverage of regional research studies. Our mission is to provide a platform for scholars, researchers, and experts to share their insights, discoveries, and analysis related to various regional topics. At TRT, we believe that regional studies play a vital role in understanding the unique dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that shape specific geographical areas. Our journal showcases a wide range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches, ensuring a diverse and holistic understanding of regional issues.

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Editorial Board

An esteemed editorial board comprised of diverse experts, driving insightful perspectives and guiding the narrative with expertise across various fields.

Advisory Board

A distinguished advisory board providing strategic counsel and leveraging extensive experience to enhance decision-making.

Aims & Scope

To disseminate scientific information, high-quality research and spark discussion on Social Sciences' (Miscellaneous) current issues


Our indexing bodies , meticulously evaluating and categorizing content to ensure its quality, relevance, and accessibility within prominent databases.

Current Issue

The latest issue presents a curated collection of cutting-edge research and thought-provoking articles, offering a comprehensive exploration of contemporary research.


Our rich archives showcase a wealth of knowledge and intellectual contributions, spanning diverse subjects and serving as a testament to our commitment to fostering scholarly excellence over time.

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